Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bad Weather

Snow on Tuesday nearly shut down the Microsoft main campus (Redmond) and snow on Thrusday night made it look like we were in some Eastern state city in the heart of winter. Honestly, what's going on with the weather?! Toronto's been receiving anomalous weather as well, upwards of 14C to 16C. Wait a minute, why are we getting Toronto like weather and Toronto getting Seattle like weather?

Recently, I watched An Inconvenient Truth and it brought to light some interesting global warming facts and dispelled some "cyclic pattern" myths. I can't help but wonder, are these strange weather phenomenon a sign that things are not going to get better unless we, as in global citizens promote proactive activities greenhouse gas reduction plans like the Kyoto Accord.

Rain, rain don't go away just yet, please stay a little longer to play.

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