Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mini Essays of Office Life

Oh blog, how it's been a long long long while. I figure I'll come back to you with interesting tid bis of non-work-specific office culture. Hopefully, I can effectively share what I know about various off situational experiences through a few short essays.

Let's start with Monday inertia - otherwise known as the "Case of the Monday's" as fondly coined by "Office Space". Seriously though, why is this so universally experienced in office culture. Perhaps, a big part of it has to deal with the fffFFabulous weekend of doing nothing, or having done EVERYTHING but work. Or maybe, it's because work sends you deep into a pit of work related analysis, email replies, deadlines to meet, meetings to attend. Whatever it is, it certainly doesn't feel good to have to wake up (reasonably) early in the morning and get back into "gear".

Here's what my morning routine kind of looks like:
1) The wake-up, get-up, get ready routine.
2) The coffee ritual - preparing oneself to get ready to read a bunch of emails, requests, and issues with your favorite caffeinated beverage.
3) (If you've read material from Stephan Covey, or have just become an efficient/effective office worker) You start prioritizing/planning out the day. I really got to get X and Y and Z done before this so and so time.
4) The plunge - time to get things done.

It's really tough for me to break out of this routine - but every now and then, I have to remind myself that it's really the excitement of meeting or surpassing "Goals" - both personal or vocational related.

ALRIGHT, Let me experiment what I can do to make my next coming Monday more exciting - and less dreadful.