Saturday, December 02, 2006

Oops! my bad :(

The day we were officially supposed to be working from home, I thought I'd be a winter-weathering trooper and decided to go into work. This is totally against the advisory information issued by corporate HQ, I just said to myself" "I've driven in worse before, psh this is nothing".

Well, as I'm heading out to lunch for some delish sushi with a couple of my friends, I mistakenly back to a car scuffing it's bumper. Regretfully, as no one was around I left a little note, owning up to the mistake and awaited contact.

I found myself being contacted by corporate Senior VP of Windows Core OS Division via email with the subject title "bumper". Hmm, this can't be?! Fortunately, Mr. DeVaan appreciated the note i left and my honesty. In reflection, I really appreciate you (Jon DeVaan)'s refreshingly cool attitude and nice demeanor about this situation. Thanks!

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