Saturday, September 23, 2006

Seattle Walk-about

The Seattle Tour:

Starting off from, South Lake Union...

This was a cute little dog lounge place near Glazer's camera. I was passin' by before checkin' out some camera gear.

This place just looked 'artsy' - I thought this is the kind of logo'ing an art conscious company like Apple would do.

So go downtown, things'll be great when you're, Downtown ...

Ooooo... reflections - those who gaze upon others are really looking deep within themselves...

Cal Anderson Park, definitely a cool people gazing, read a book and chill kind of place. Thank you Seattle for sprucing up this once slummy park :)

This kid was just having too much fun!

Perspective, perspective? perspective! - it's always interesting spotting those details outside of the focal length dictated by the picture.

Mysterious water cave...?

Light, water and stone - wonders of nature

The setting sun, as it buries itself deep into the horizon, to rest among mountains

Heh, it's a water space/lego dude, playing with his puppy dog, can you see it?!

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