Sunday, September 24, 2006

MSN Messenger Error Code:81000314

Hmm, I wonder what Microsoft's official stance is on Web Services - 365/24/7?! All day Sunday, I found it extremely difficult to log on to Live MSN Messenger. Rather than signing on to chat with my friends and family, I'm greeted with this rather obscure message.

Scary looking eh? I'm a decently technical person when it comes to software related problems, but what the heck does 81000314 mean?
With my tech hat on I've started to polk around:
1) Same error code on another computer [Hmmm Server Side Error?]
2) Still can not log on via: [Defintely smells like server side]

After a litle 'live'ing and 'google'ing I think it means: Service Unavailable. Hopefully, all will return to normal tomorrow :)

*Call to action* Translate these weird obscure error codes! Not everyone has the will or luxury of decoding them via your favourite error decoding util/msdn.

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