Sunday, October 01, 2006

Where did I go today?

International District

After some Dim-sum I whipped my camera out on the hunt for some photo ops.

Distinctively Asian - Walk about the I-district it can become very apparent the differences between Chinese and Japanese architecture. In particular, the cultural significance of the colour red as well as the larger accents tend to be traits of Chinese structures. Whereas Japanese structures will tend to stay more towards neutral colours, with accents that are not as bold.

Supportive pillars

Gene Coulon Beach Park

After poking around at Fry's - I decided to take a random road and see where it would lead me.

Mighty powerful sun! - pretty blinding actually was seeing dark spots after taking this shot.

Distinctive poise - Her arched back can almost be conceived as aristocratic.

A conversation to be had - to be shared with a loved one or a good friend

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