Friday, February 06, 2009

Windows 7 and Media Center

To be completely honest, after assembling the PC (motherboard, CPU, RAM, Wireless network, HDD and DVDRW) the installation was a breeze!

Steps followed:
1. Assemble PC from components.
2. Boot from Win7 Beta Build 7000 ISO downloaded from [link].
3. Go thru the setup wizard.

After installing the OS:
4. Install first TV tuner - ATI HDTV Wonder.
5. Boot into Win7 and Install the Windows XP drivers from [link].
6. Setup 7MC with a single analog tuner, get thru the EPG and TV channel scans.

After installing the ATI HDTV Wonder as an analog tuner:
7. Install the Hauppauge HVR 2250.
8. Download and Install the Beta Drivers from Hauppauge [link].
9. In 7MC, manually configure the TV Tuner Cards:
Setup ATI HDTV Wonder as an Analog Tuner.
Setup the Hauppauage HVR 2250 as two Clear QAM Digital Cable Tuner.
Scan for channels (may take up to 15-20min)
10. Start to record and watch HDTV with two tuners!

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