Monday, November 19, 2007

How to seal your tiles!

After just buying a new place (*yeppie*), you start having to make trips to various home improvement/hardware places like ahem.. Home Depot. Strangely, new constructions will typically cover everything from touching the ceiling up to repairing scratches on the floor. However, one of the few things they don't do is seal the grout in your tiles. :O I'm not sure why that is.

Anyway, after a few quick search engine queries, I happened to come across this article about tile sealing. After two days and two passes, I'm still left with semi-sealed grout. I think I'll need a third or forth pass to get it to actually take.

I find it weird that the consistency of the sealer is about the same as water. I guess the theory goes, that it's supposed to really get into that porous grout. *sigh* alas, time to seal the tiles once more.


auditionmajor said...

Oh lovah dear, I'm soo happy that we have our new condo and that I will be there by your b-day to help you with all of the little touch ups...(or big) BATHROOM and the special touches of our new home! (DOUBLE YEPPIE!!)

I love you, thanks for all of the hard work you put in daily!
You are loved and sooo dearly appreciated!
I'll be with you soon!

L XO :>

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